ClickSwipe is a desktop app that swipes on Tinder everytime you click your mouse.


How does this work?

We built a custom desktop app with Tinder integrated right into it. You can keep this app in the foreground, but really we made it so you can keep it open in the background while using Spotify, Chrome, or while gaming. This app works by listening for any mouse click you make (and only mouse clicks). When the app detects a mouse click it swipes right on Tinder for you.

Is my tinder account information safe?

Yes. Nothing is stored by our app, nor is any information or data sent from the app to anywhere else. The app itself literally has Tinder embedded in it. When you log in to Tinder in the app we do not see, store, or use your credentials in any way.

Are you tracking what I do on my computer?

No. The app itself just listens for any mouse click and nothing else. It does not have any awareness of what you’re doing, what you’re clicking on, or any other private information. Furthermore, none of this data is stored and used in any way.

What if I swipe on someone I don’t want?

We’re not here to find you love, we’re just here to help you swipe. We’re not responsible for making any swipes that you’re not satisfied with.

Did you make this with Tinder?

No. This is not an official Tinder app. Tinder was not involved in the creation of this.

Why did you make this?

  • This is the grim future we have to look forward to.

  • Dating has become a commodity.

  • Everything is meaningless.

  • This is just how the world already works.